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Adly Motorcycles Information:

Adly Moto is a Taiwanese scooter manufacturer and is owned by the Her Chee Industrial Company Ltd. Adly was founded in 1978 and initially produced motorcycles. It now also produces scooters (petrol and electric) and quad-bikes. Her Chee Industrial Ltd has exclusive manufacturing agreement for high quality LandFighter all-terrain vehicles.

A Few Words From the Management

Our company, Her Chee Industrial Co., Ltd, is the professional vehicle manufacturer in Taiwan for which have been specialized in this field for more than four decades. Our famous brand ADLY moto began operations from 40 years ago, in 1978.

As an ISO-9002 and 9001 certified manufacturer, ADLY moto offers more than 30 quality models with market-oriented design. All of our products almost have the EEC homologation of EURO 2, partial for 167/2013 T3, 168/2013 L7e and EPA.

With the professional manufacturing of Scooters, ATVs, Agriculture ATVs, Agro Delivery ATV, E-bike, Mini-car…etc include engines and related parts. We produce all critical parts by ourselves in Taiwan so we may control the quality and offer spare parts to all our customers for after sales service without problem.


Beginning Period (1978~1986) 1978 Company was established with capital size NT18 million to produce moped bike.
1983 Mr.C.C.Chen took over the position of chairman.
1985 Official announced the first generation plastic scooter-ADLY 50 c.c./100 c.c., and branded ADLY Moto for Her Chee products.
Technical Introduction Period (1987~1995) 1987 Official announced the ADLY/50c.c and100c.c scooter for international market.
1990 Official announced new 50c.c ”ELEGANT” scooter with Italian homologation. Her-Chee was the first Taiwanese scooter manufacturer enter European market.
1993 Successful R&D to announce the first wide tire type of “PISTA”scooter for international market.
1995 Product certified with Germany and Holland compliance.

Stability Growth Period


1996 Her-Chee went to Initial Public Offering
1997 Certified with ISO-9002.
1998 Apply for O.T.C introduction and open new office
1999 Pioneer to introduce youth ATV for international market and the first company to comply ATV-50 EEC 92/61 homologation
2000 Acquire the aluminum die casting machines and ED (Electronic Deposit) painting equipment from OEM suppliers to vertically integrate production process.
2001 Upgraded to ISO-9001 certification.
2002 Approval of Over-The-Counter stock trade.
2003 The Pioneer complied GoKart-125 & E-Bike under EEC 92/61 homologation.
2004 Complied ATV-150/ATV-300 EURO (II) homologation.
2004 Mass production for BRP OEM Project Rally-200.
2005 Successfully Launched 2nd generation ATV-150/ATV-300.
2006 Launched ATV-220 model.
2007 Launched ATV-280 & ATV-320U CVT models, ATV-320U won “The Best Dealers’ Choice” Award in Power Sports in GEI Kentucky Show, USA.
2008 Launched ATV-500 Geared with Fuji(Subaru) engine, Mini Car won “The Editor’s Choice” award in Indy Show, USA.
2009 GTA-50, AS-50 & GTA-125, three models were launched at the same year.
2010 Launched ATV-600.
2012 Launched ATV-300/320/500 to Super Motor version.
2013 Launched ATV-400 (gearbox).
2014 Launched MM-50 / ATV-100L / 100D / 320 new shaft drive.
2015 Launched AT-125T & AT-150T agro delivery ATV.
2016 Launched ATV-700 / AT-320T agro delivery ATV.
2017 Launched ATV-700 T3 / ATV-450 / AT-100T agro delivery ATV.
2018 Launched ATV-320 T3 / M3 Electric Motorcycle

Reorganization Innovation Period (2019~)


Launched ATV-700 L7e

2019.05, reorganization, Mrs. J.J. Shie and Mr. Lewis Liao takes over the position of Chairman and President.


Launched EFI agro delivery ATV 100TF / 125TF / 320TF

Launched E-ATV  E-M500L / E-D2000 / E-S2000 / E-T2000 / E-3000T

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